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Bohol Extreme Thrills The Plunge – Danao Bohol Philippines

Bohol Extreme Thrills – The Plunge a must see in In Danao Adventure Park. This is a canyon swing which is called the Plunge. It’s a 50-meter free fall drop from the top of the 200-meter high cliff. Then as you hit the end of the rope, you’ll be swinging over the canyon for about 5 minutes before they haul you back up.


Danao Adventure Park

Suislide (zipline) – Php350/head
60m rappel (minimum of 5 pax) – Php600/head
Plunge (canyon swing) – Php700/head

2 thoughts on “Bohol Extreme Thrills The Plunge – Danao Bohol Philippines”

  1. Hello! I will be in the Philippines in march and would love to do the plunge and zipline! And my GF too! Lol She may be to scared! Thank you!

  2. Hi Boholcocogrove,

    Amazing! I’m very amazed by this Bohol Extreme Thrills – The Plunge but honestly, I don’t want to experience this one. I’m really afraid of heights. I easily get dizzy and I think I can’t survive if I try on this. Still thank you for sharing this article. Very amazing!

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